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    Pleased to meet you


    Pleased to meet you

Lights in Motion

Lights in Motion was founded in 2008 by professional dancer and choreographer Gunilla Bergström.

In the past years we have become a leading company in the Netherlands and Belgium within the field of fire shows, LED, dance and entertainment with light.

Gunilla ‘s years of experience and great love for her profession, comes to it’s full advantage within Lights in Motion.

With great passion and enthusiasm she made flow-art poi known to a wide audience across the Netherlands and Belgium.

With many extraordinary projects in the pipeline and a lot of expertise together, we have a common goal in mind: to provide high-profile, unique and spectacular shows for a wide audience !

We move Light .. Light moves you!

Gunilla Bergström

Gunilla graduated from the Swedisch Royal Ballet School in 1995 and has been working as a professional dancer and choreographer in Europe ever since.

After a long dance career for television programs, theater/stage shows and various concert series, she transformed dance with fire and light to a top level experience.

On stage she has some special talents under her care whom all stands out in their disciplines. She proudly present them to you!

Lisa , aka Elvee Fire is a beautiful appearance on stage with several disciplines such as Hula Hoop, Poi and Fans. In a playful and special way she brings the audience in rapture with her ​​Fire and LED performances.

Lisa has a particular creative spirit and besides our shows she is working on creating her first own production.

Favorite disciplines : Hula Hoop , Poi , Fans, Stage Make-up and Costumes.

Manuel is an enormous talented artist who started spinning with fire at the age of 15.

With his background as a gymnast and circus artist and his professional approach to the profession, he can manipulate a wide range of different tools in a great way.

Manuel is a full-time performer at Lights in Motion and he is the initiator and organizer of the Belgian flow arts event: Ignite.

Favorite disciplines: poi, buugeng and double-staff

Multi-talented Vincent spins at a very high level. His background within gymnastics gives his performances an extra dynamic touch. When it comes to Poi, he masters this disipline to perfection.
Besides our shows Vincent studies light- and sound technology. A creative young man , active on many fronts.

Favorite disciplines : Poi , Staff, Sparkles and Light equipment of all kind

The beautiful Simona Ula, is a specialist in Hoop Dance. A combination of dance with technical skills. She masters this discipline like no other and with dedication and love she brings it over to her audience.

Already at young age she loved to be on stage. After several years performing as a solo artist, she met Gunilla Bergstrom and has joined the team of Lights in Motion.

Simone performs with LED, Fire, Passion and a huge talent!

Favorite disciplines: Hula Hoop

Wouter, aka Shengura is a true entertainer. He is totally in his element when he performs on stage.

He has performed on many events for Lights in Motion and his presence brings a unique contribution to the overall atmosphere. Watch his special talent in the videoclip of TSUNAMI in our Blog.

Favorite disciplines: Poi, Staff, Flow Wand, Fire Eating / Breathing and Contact Juggling


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