Fire Show Eclipse is a delicate and diverse fire show. Powerful and subtle choreographies with different fire tools and dance beautifully alternate in the show as the artists share their burning passion for fire with the audience.

With a wide range of fire tools such as: Poi, Staff, Fans, Hoop, Torches, Candles, Fire Breathing, Fire Drums, Lycopodium Flares and Sparkle Poi the fire artists create a breathtaking spectacle on stage.

All components such as music, choreography, costumes and elements of fire have been selected and created with great attention. If desired the theme of your event can be incorporated in the show.

The stage or performance area can be decorated with fire bowls, flame throwers, pyrotechnics and/or an supporting light show programmed in timecode on the music.

Feel free to contact us for additional information. We gladly provide you with personal and creative advice.

• Duration show: 10-20 minutes
• Number of Artists: 3 to 6 artists
• Space Requirements: Minimum 6 × 4 meters
• Height from stage to ceiling: Minimum 5 meters
• Audience: 50 – 1000+

Possible extensions :

• Light Show
• Flamethrowers
• Pyrotechnics
• Fireworks
• Laser
• Video with custom content

These elements are included in the choreography of the show and, programmed in timecode.