LED POI ACT – LED by Light

LED by Light is an energetic LED Poi act. High level Poi spinning, advanced LED technology and Visual Poi are combined to a dazzling visual spectacle.

During the finale of the show we perform with our spectacular Visual Poi. The Poi will be programmed in a wonderful way with text, logos, photos and graphics of your choice. Technically we can program an unlimited number of logos and content in this latest generation of LED tools.

Features LED show Led by Light:

• Duration show: 5-7 minutes
• Number of artists: 2-5 artists
• Space required: Minimum of 4×4 meters
• Height from stage to ceiling: Minimum 3.5 meters
• Audience: 50 – 1000+

Possible extensions :

• Video with custom content combined with programming of the LED tools
• Light Show
• Laser

These elements are included in the choreography of the show and, programmed in timecode.