The pioneering and colourful LED Show Reflections will definately wow your audience. With a large LED wall as a backdrop, Live Entertainment and dance with light are combined into a mind-blowing visual spectacle. Artists and image merge and takes your audience on an extraordinary journey…

Professional flow-art performers, technical and tightly performed choreographies, a tasteful selection of music, an impressive light show and graphic 3d animation presented on a 18m2 large LED wall, offers the audience an enchanting and spectacular LED show. This is the future of Live Entertainment!

With LED show Reflections we do not only provide great and distinctive entertainment, but we also offer you the opportunity to integrate custom content in the show. In a variety of creative ways your content will be presented to the audience. The show lends itself perfectly for brand, product or theme presentations.

• Duration show : 5-15 minutes
• Number of artists : 4-6 artists
• Space required : Minimum of 8 × 5 meters
• Height from stage to ceiling : Minimum 4 meters
• Audience : 100 – 3000+
• Technique: Full Color Laser and Moving Heads, Blacklight, Mirror, 18m2 LED Wall