LED show Lumination is a colorful and visual spectacle. Several artists perform a spectacular and tightly choreographed show with high-tech LED tools, dance, various flow art disciplines and our programmed Visual Poi.

The choreography was created on a selection of stylish and energetic music, in which several LED tools such as Poi, Fans, Hoop, Buugeng and Visual Poi reach their full potential. The costumes of the performers can be tailored to the theme of your event.

To make the show even more complete to a larger audience, it can be combined with a light show programmed entirely in timecode on the music.

Due to its dynamic character LED show Lumination suits perfectly as an opening or close act of your event.

• Duration show: 5-15 minutes
• Number of artists: 3-6 artists
• Space Requirements: Minimum 6 × 4 meters
• Height from stage to ceiling: Minimum 3.5 meters
• Audience: 50 – 1000+

Possible extensions :

• Video with custom content combined with programming of the LED tools
• Light and mirror show
• Blacklight styling

These elements are included in the choreography of the show and, programmed in timecode.