Visual Poi are programmable LED tools with which we display logos, text and graphics during our performance. Colors, patterns and images float in the air around the performers and in a spectaculair way we will present the theme of your event to the audience.

This particular piece of technology -also known as Pixel Poi, Graphic Poi or Logo Poi- is enormously powerful within the field of light. Poi spinning and dance combined with this pioneering LED technology provides a great wow effect.

The possibilities considering the programming are endless and range from a single logo or text, to a completely custom made programming in which we integrate your corporate style, theme and look and feel of your company or event in our show. We are now even able to display photos in a clear way during our performances.

Features LED show Visual Poi:

• Duration show: 5-10 minutes
• Number of artists: 1 to 6 artists
• Space required: Minimum of 4×3 meters
• Height from stage to ceiling: Minimum 3.5 meters
• Audience: 50 – 2000+

Possible extensions :

• Video with custom content combined with programming of the LED tools
• Light Show
• Laser

These elements are included in the choreography of the show and, programmed in timecode on the music.